Student Blogging Challenge – Week 6

Hi World!

This week’s task is to write a post on anything I would like. And so I am going to write about The Little Mermaid concert my school put on in term 3. So, if you didn’t know, our School put on a production ‘The Little Mermaid Jr.’ It was really exciting and the most exciting bit is that I was chosen to be Prince Eric! But let’s go back a term to see what it was like before the performances…

I first had to audition. It was quite nerve-racking but when it was over I felt better. After everyone who wanted to audition had, we had t0 wait a couple of weeks so that the teachers could decide who the lead parts were going to. Then one day, everyone who auditioned for The Little Mermaid was asked to stay behind in assembly so that the teachers could announce who would be playing the parts. I was so surprised when I heard my name being called out because I din’t think I was a very good singer or actor – yet obviously the teachers thought I was. And so it happened – I was chosen to be Prince Eric in the Junior School’s production of The Little Mermaid Junior.

That term was very busy preparing for the 4 performances. All the leads had to got to three rehearsals a week and the rest of the school practised in class time. The rehearsals were really fun, acting out in front of the other cast members and watching the play come together little by little.

At last the week of performances came around. Everyone was excited and I know the leads were definitely a bit nervous. Everyone was called backstage and we were all told to quiet down. After we had had a run-down of the night, all the people in the first scene  were told to quietly make their way to the stage and stand in their places ready for the curtain to open. I was in the first scene so I stood in my position mouthing to my friend ‘Pilot’ good luck, because my microphone was turned on and if I spoke everyone in the audience would hear!

All in all it was a great experience and performance and I know I definitely enjoyed it.


Student Blogging Challenge – Week 5

 Hello Everyone!

This week is Week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge! (SBC) I hope you enjoy my post!


Activity 1:Write a post on food that is popular in your country. In your post, include links to where you researched and some images with attribution. You might also want to a collage of images or a slideshow you have created.

A food that is popular in my country are lamingtons. This is the history of lamingtons:

This Australian culinary icon, which consists of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and liberally sprinkled with fine desiccated coconut, is believed to have been created through an accident at work by a maid-servant to Lord Lamington, eighth Governor of Queensland. The maid-servant was working at Government House in Brisbane when she accidentally dropped the Governor’s favourite sponge cake into some melted chocolate. Lord Lamington was not a person of wasteful habits and suggested that it be dipped in coconut to cover the chocolate to avoid messy fingers. Lord Lamington devoured this new taste sensation with great delight and the maid-servant’s error was proclaimed a magnificent success by all!

3 eggs
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup castor sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 cup self-raising flour 1/2 cup milk.
Beat the eggs well, gradually adding the sugar until dissolved. Add the milk and vanilla essence and then stir in the self raising flour and whip the butter into the mixture. Pour the mixture into a cake tin or lamington baking dish and bake in a moderate oven of 180 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes. Allow the cake to cool for at least 10 minutes and then stand for 24 hours preferably in the refrigerator, before applying the icing.


4 cups icing sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup milk
4 tablespoons boiling water
3 cups desiccated coconut.
Stir the cocoa and icing sugar vigorously in a large bowl, adding the milk, butter and boiling water, warming the chocolate mixture over a very low heat until it has a smooth creamy texture. Cut the sponge cake into equal squares about 5cm x 5cm and, using a fork or thin skewer, dip each piece into the chocolate mixture ensuring that the mixture is liberally and evenly applied. Dip each piece into the desiccated coconut, allowing the lamingtons to cool on a wire tray for several hours.
Activity 2:  Visit Inside Scoops Taco Tuesday post to learn what their students eat for lunch.  Leave a comment on Taco Tuesday post to let them know what you eat for school lunches in where you live or write a post to share what school lunches are like where you live.

Great post! I love the way you inserted images. For lunch I usually have a sandwich – or something like one, some fruit, some vegetables, a chocolate, a snack and some biscuits. At the canteen, there is a hot daily special, or you can get a cold food, such as a sandwich, focaccia or a wrap. You can also get little snacks at my canteen such as popcorn, Ice-blocks and Ice-creams, Jelly or frozen fruit.

Feel free to visit DND’s blog as well:

Activity 3:  Create a poll or survey and embed it into a post to find out more about the types of foods eaten by your readers.

What food do you eat where you live? Please comment and tell me.

Activity 4:Visit at least 5 blogs from countries other than your own. Leave a comment on a post at each blog to ask them questions about food in their country. Now write your own post including the comment you have left and linking to each post you commented on.

Hi Mary-Ellen,
My name is Elspeth. I love your video on foods. I wonder… What is a floating pie?
Great blog,

This is her blog URL:

Hi Victoria,

My name is Elspeth. I loved your video! It is awesome. I didn’t know that burgers with beetroot were Australian! Fantastic blog!    -Elspeth

This is her blog URL:

Hi Penelope,

My name is Elspeth. I liked your poll. Maybe next time you could put in some information about what your favourite, least favourite food is etc.

This is her blog URL:

Hi Matthew,
My name is Elspeth. My favorite food on your list is sushi. What’s yours? I like your blog and I can see you are already getting into the Christmas spirit!
Keep up the good work!

This is his blog URL:

Hi Ayla,
My name is Elspeth. Great post! I would like to try some pontine after how you described it. I love your blog!

This is her blog URL:







Hi Guys,

This is just a short post but I came across a quote today and I wanted to share it. ‘Somedays you just have to make your own sunshine.’ This quote to me means that on days that everyone is just a bit grumpy and not being very nice to you, don’t take it the bad way, use their unhappiness to spread yours. Because on days like this you just have to create your own sunshine!


Please comment and share a quote that you feel really fit’s to yourself. Please also explain why – It doesn’t have to be a long explanation. Thank you!





Global Read Aloud – Fish


Hello World!

This term in class, we have been participating in the global read aloud. This year we are reading a book called fish. Here is a photo of the book:

The book fish


In class, the most recent chapter we read was chapter 8. Chapter 8 was a big chapter with lot’s of juicy things happening in it. At the end of the chapter, we all got to make story boards. This is my story board:


(Please do not use this image with out my permission Thank you!)

A quick briefing of the chapter and what the book is about:

There is a boy/girl ( The author doesn’t tell)  called Tiger and he/she and his/her family are escaping from the war in their country. As they journey to the boarder of the other country, they encounter many bumps on the way and when they finally get there – The boarder is closed! This means they have to travel the long way to the other country. In chapter 7, the family and the guide they hired meet three mysterious men, and in chapter 8 they encounter them again yet this time one of the men was trying to shoot the family, guide and donkey. Tiger runs to hide in a bush but when the shooting is over he/she decides to run into a nearby cave for extra safety. This didn’t turn out an excellent idea because it turns out that the cave Tiger was hiding in was the campsite of the three men. When ‘Stocky’ shoots the ‘young man’ it causes a commotion an Tiger decides to run for it. But ‘the leader’ sees Tiger and they all run after him/her. At the end of the path, there is a mud stream as a dead end so Tiger had no other choice than to jump into it. After what seemed like forever, Tiger couldn’t hold his/her breath any more and had to come up to the surface. When Tiger started to see properly again she saw that the men had gone and when she got out of the mud, his/her family and the guide arrived and wrapped blanket’s around Tiger.

I hope this little briefing inspires you to read the book!


Student blogging challenge – Week 4

Activity 1: Dress up your blog for Halloween

I don’t celebrate halloween so I am not going to dress up my blog for it. And I will do Christmas but a bit closer to the celebration.

Activity 2:  Write some poetry or spooky story about Halloween.

I don’t celebrate halloween

While other people’s faces are painted green

And while some are trick-or-treating

Others are hanging round eating

My church does an alternative to halloween

And we don’t mind how different we seem!

I don’t celebrate halloween

While other people’s faces are painted mean


Activity 3:  Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween or the History of Halloween. 

I don’t celabrate halloween, so instead my church does an alternative to it. We play games in Willoughby park, eat lollies – without trick-or-treating, hang out together and have a BBQ at the end of the day. I really love how I celebrate halloween because it is probably ay more fun than just nocking on people’s doors asking for lollies. Instead we get heaps of lollies without having to do anything – well maybe winning a few games! And even though there are heaps of people around us in zombie or princess costumes, my church doesn’t care how different we seem!


Activity 4:  Show off your Halloween creativity using some different tools such as powtoon, thinglink, padlet, glogster, soundcloud, poll daddy and embed them into a post.

I will do one for Christmas instead.

My Christms Collage I used Pixlr Express to do this poster.


Thank you all for reading my post!


Student Blogging Challenge – Week 3

Activity 1: Write a post about a favourite time with your family.

A favourite time with my family was last weekend when we all wen to Collaroy together. We went to a place called the Pelican restaurant for lunch and it was really delicious food. When we got there, we say down at a tAble overlooking the ocean and beach. My brother and I ordered a ‘mini slider’ plate each and Mum and Dad ordered a salad and a burger. While we were waiting for our meals, we ordered some drinks and played eye-spy for things on the beach. Once our meals came, we all loved them because they were so delicious. after we had finished everything and sat for a few minuets looking at the view, we went for a walk on the beach. My brother and I got a bubble-nose-bill nice-cream each and we ate them while we were walking. After our walk on the beach we went to the play ground and then we went home. Overall it was a really great day!IMG_2066IMG_2060IMG_2067

(I have permission from my familly to post these photo’s.Please do not use these photo’s without permission from me. Thank you!)

Activity 2: Write a post about a person who has passed away.

Today I am going to write about my grandpa. When Grandpa was alive, I din’t know him that much, but My family and I went to see him and my Granny every Saturday morning and bring them there shopping. My Grandpa was very sick for a while before he died, and I was only little when he did. He died of cancer. I do not have a photo that I am able to upload of him.

Activity 3. Have a relative write a post about their parents or grandparents

Thoughts about my parents (Elspeth’s great grandparents) From my Nonna
         The Second World War (1939-1945)
When my parents were alive, their lives were influenced by the Second World War. During that time, food was rationed so they had ration books which they took to the shops so they could only get a certain amount of basic foods like sugar and tea.
(From the Australian War Memorial archive)
Rationing meant they were always careful with the food they bought, even after the war. They were very good at budgeting! This continued after the war. They were also very good at creative cooking and everyone had a choko vine to make stewed pears!! My mother and her mum were very clever. They even used the tissue paper wrapped around apples in the greengrocer’s as soft toilet paper. Truly!!
Nowadays we seem to buy all our clothes from shops but my mother made everyone’s clothes and she was a great knitter. She knitted socks for soldiers! When she was at work the women got together at lunchtimes to knit socks and my mum knitted to and from work on the bus. Everyone was encouraged to knit! The soldiers overseas loved getting the warm socks but I think they would be very hot in Sydney!
(Poster from Australian War Memorial archive)
Life was very different in their time.

Thank you so much to my Nonna for writing this post!

Activity 4. Add at least one new widget to your sidebar and write a post explaining why you chose that particular widget.

I chose the Rotating cloud widget quite a while back because it is so helpful being able to tag everything and then when you are on your blog, just being able to click on a tag that brings you to the post you want to comment on, edit or read.

Activity 5. What have you learnt about using images on your blog? Write a post, create a poster or video explaining your understanding now.

I have chossen to make a poster on using images:

SBE W3 Poster

Activity 6. Write a post in your native language using an image as a prompt. Make sure you have a translate widget on your blog for your visitors to use. 

I am going to write my post about ballet. Ballet is a big part of my life. I do ballet classes three days a week, on Tuesday’s, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I love ballet so much especially dancing because I feel like a real ballerina. I do a lot of bar work and exercises in the centre of the room before we can move onto our dances because the exercises warm our bodies up. I am at the moment doing my second year of Grade 5 and my second year of Intermediate Foundation. At the beginning of this year I received permission to go onto pointe. Going on pointe is very hard on your toes to start with, but as you do it more, you get used to the feeling. I started Ballet in Pre-Primary so that means I have been doing ballet for 6 year and this is my 7th. The grades go in this order:




Grade 1





Intermediate Foundation


There are some grades after Intermediate but I am not quite sure which order they go in. I skipped Grade 4 with my Best Friend Pippy simply because we needed to be challenged more. In ballet you form lot’s of friendships and that is exactly what I have done. Next year there will be a great opportunity to go to Prague with the Ballet school, and I am so excited because I might be going.

I love ballet. I love dancing ballet. And even though my teacher can be strict, I still enjoy it.



This is a picture of my best friend and I about to get our pointe shoes:


I have full permission to put a photo of her up on my blog. Please do not use this photo without my permission. Thank you!