Student blogging challenge – Week 4

Activity 1: Dress up your blog for Halloween

I don’t celebrate halloween so I am not going to dress up my blog for it. And I will do Christmas but a bit closer to the celebration.

Activity 2:  Write some poetry or spooky story about Halloween.

I don’t celebrate halloween

While other people’s faces are painted green

And while some are trick-or-treating

Others are hanging round eating

My church does an alternative to halloween

And we don’t mind how different we seem!

I don’t celebrate halloween

While other people’s faces are painted mean


Activity 3:  Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween or the History of Halloween. 

I don’t celabrate halloween, so instead my church does an alternative to it. We play games in Willoughby park, eat lollies – without trick-or-treating, hang out together and have a BBQ at the end of the day. I really love how I celebrate halloween because it is probably ay more fun than just nocking on people’s doors asking for lollies. Instead we get heaps of lollies without having to do anything – well maybe winning a few games! And even though there are heaps of people around us in zombie or princess costumes, my church doesn’t care how different we seem!


Activity 4:  Show off your Halloween creativity using some different tools such as powtoon, thinglink, padlet, glogster, soundcloud, poll daddy and embed them into a post.

I will do one for Christmas instead.

My Christms Collage I used Pixlr Express to do this poster.


Thank you all for reading my post!